Comprehensive inquiry and BOOKING MANAGEMENT SITE, allowing complete personalization
to the travel management company/travel agency.

Your Customizable Mid & Back Office System

Your Customizable Mid & Back Office System

Travel technology created by travel experts for travel experts. Our technology provides SIMPLE, SMART, SEAMLESS and COLLABORATIVE booking solutions suited to both leisure and corporate travel. Onewurld allows for a personalized and engaging real time experience with a customer, either in person or remotely

oneOffice is the control centre for our integrated collaborative travel booking and management system

End to end travel agency and TMC desktop with everything you need to compete and excel in the new travel landscape

Travel retailing solution that allows you to manage your margin, manage your marketing and understand the key profit drivers in your business through detailed reporting.

Personalisation of all agent and customer facing platforms and documentation; logo, colours and brand

Key functionality of our Mid & Back Office System:

  • Manage your margins to maximise profitability or never lose a booking
  • Add and remove suppliers based on your customer demographics
  • Set your own agency branding for a more personalised customer experience
  • Generate sales, commission and booking reports in real time
  • Configure social media marketing
  • Add and manage all users
  • Real time reporting and business analytics by consultant by agency
  • CRM Dashboard to manage all bookings and inquiries
  • Access to vouchers, tickets, statements and invoices
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